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Jeannie McGinnis

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**Just a note  – this website as of April 2020 is in the middle of a refurbishment.  I am making changes in small ways so please have patience with me as I am slowing recoving from moderate (borderline severe) Covid-19.  Many of my latest blog posts are regarding this season that hopefully may be a help to others.  

 And a little about my background . . .

I’ve spent over 30 years in the beauty, health and wellness sector in various capacities.  In my late 40s, besides a ’95 BA in Journalism & Media, I have qualifications in Advanced Holistic Nutrition, Plant-based Nutrition,  Skin – Hormones and Nutrition as well as Aroma Therapy.  I’m currently in a Level 4 certification for Skin Analysis and Aesthetics and writing a dissertation on skin and nutrition.  

I firmly believe you can put the brakes on signs of premature ageing through nutrition and lifestyle tweaks and I have a passion for a holistic approach to healthy skin and the body.   

As a certified coach/mentor & public speaker, I also have a diverse media career which includes voice overs, TV/stage presenting and commercial modelling.  However, around when I turned 40 years old is when many of these things started.  From around the ages of 25 – 40 I actually was in a pastoral capacity as a coach, mentor and lay counsellor.  I still have that same passion but it looks different in the wellness sector.  

I arrived in the UK originally from Texas in 2003 and now have dual Brit/American citizenship with my fantastic husband and two brilliant teenagers. 

I’m also Forever Living’s UK & Ireland Advisory Board Skin Care and Beauty trainer and love equiping Forever Business Owners on our aloe based products & skin nutrition.  

So find out more about each area and contact me if you would like to work together.  



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