New Website, Blog and Podcast . . Check it out!

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Uncategorized

My blog has been in hibernation these last few months.  Yes, I have been busy with my ever-expanding portfolio career but I’ve also moved my website and blog into one place.  It has a new look,  and I’m finding it much easier to manage.

I’m keeping this post short but feel free to take a look at my new site at this address (

Hopefully, it’s not as overwhelming as the last one which is the feedback I consistently received!

And a new podcast has come out on Cornucopia Radio.  It’s a true short story I wrote about my last year in beauty pageants . . where I felt like a fraud most of the time.

It’s called ‘Frauds, Hawaiian Bikinis and Mannequins’ so, please enjoy a bit of cringey humour.

Special thanks as well to Sam Radford who helped over months redesign my website and blog. Sam helped with all that super tech stuff I didn’t understand, and I’m very grateful.