In her free time while balancing her media career, Jeannie is  a classic commercial/lifestyle model for  photographic and ad campaigns.

Clients include Argos, Stagecoach, Barclays, Goldsmiths, Medic Alert jewellery, The Range, Wella, Green Flag, Betta Living, St. Helen’s Goats Milk, and Super Breaks among a few.

She’s also experienced in beauty, fashion, fine art and conceptual modelling as well as catwalk and stage presenting including fashion shows. She most recently was a classic model in Gok Won’s One Size Fits All fashion event series.

Jeannie is a delight to work with on photoshoots, understands what I want the outcome to look like and she performs with flying colours, gets the job done perfectly. Jeannie is reliable, fun and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with Jeannie again.

— Kelly Dickenson, photographer