Holistic Living 

I have a passion for the integrated life.  Holistic living in mind, body and soul.  And also great skincare and nutrition. 

However, from mid-March 2020 three of my four family members suffered with Covid-19.  My son and husband had mild symptoms and my daughter stayed asymptomatic.  I fell into the moderate (borderline severe) category.  I restarted my blog and hope that these latest pieces provide helpful accounts and resources for those suffering and for those concerned with this horrible, mystery virus.

Please forgive any grammatical errors and technical issues as I am working on this while I am still ill.  Also, I have disabled comments for now as I was getting spam.  But you can contact me via social media or on my website contact page. 

I have several posts to come regarding Covid-19 such as breathing techniques from a physio that have helped me, mindfulness/meditation amid illness, and our family’s journey in a more condensed way.  If there is anything you’d like to hear about, please send a message.